Grainger: The Warriors


Percy Grainger was one of the great “originals” of 20th century music. Australian-born, he studied with his mother while a boy and later went to Germany where his career as a virtuoso pianist began.

As a composer he was largely self-taught and strongly influenced by the folk music of Great Britain and Ireland, Many of his “miniatures”-such titles as Country Gardens, Handel in the Strand and Molly on the Shore-established his composing credentials very early on. But Grainger was also an inveterate innovator and experimenter in music, and the kaleidoscopic aspects of his compositional creativity-evident in highly imaginative works often with unprecedented rhythms, harmonies and scoring-are fully represented in the programme heard on this recording.

The music was digitally recorded with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in February 1989, at the acoustically excellent South Melbourne Town Hall. The album was originally released in Australia by ABC Classics and elsewhere by Koch International.


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Geoffrey Simon

Catalogue number: CACDS4033

Barcode: 667549403329

“Geoffrey Simon’s Grainger collection was received with enthusiasm by Mr Herman on its first release, and 15 years later I second the emotion.” Mark Koldys, American Record Guide

1 Grainger The Warriors 17 55
2 Grainger Irish Tune from County Derry 5 26
3 Grainger Danish Folk-Music Suite i. The Power of Love 3 32
4 Grainger Danish Folk-Music Suite ii. Lord Peter’s Stable-Boy 2 49
5 Grainger Danish Folk-Music Suite iii. The Nightingale and The Two Sisters 4 40
6 Grainger Danish Folk-Music Suite iv. Jutish Medley 7 49
7 Grainger Hill-Song No.1 13 10
8 Grainger Beautiful Fresh Flower 2 34
9 Grainger Colleen Dhas 3 5
10 Grainger Hill-Song No.2 4 47
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