Saint-Saëns: Requiem, Organ Symphony


The Messe de Requiem occupies a special place in Saint-Saëns’s religious works. Composed in only eight days, it does not follow the dramatic treatments of Berlioz or Verdi but is more allied to Fauré’s devotional style. Indeed it became almost premonitional, as his two children died within weeks of the premiere in Switzerland. In constast to the pain contained in the Requiem is the overt joy of the hugely popular Organ Symphony, in which Saint-Saëns “gave all that he had to give” to produce one of the landmarks of the Romantic symphonic genre.


London Philharmonic Orchestra

Geoffrey Simon

Catalogue number: CACDS4032

Barcode: 667549403220

“…I am pleased to give it a warm recommendation, particularly for the two rarities.” Graham Williams,

“The works all get very good performances and recordings…the Choruses are splendid, as is the LPO on top form. This is a very worthwhile CD.” Robert Matthew-Walker, International Record Review.

1 Saint-Saëns Overture to La Princesse Jaune 6 38
2 Saint-Saëns Requiem i. Requiem–Kyrie 5 56
3 Saint-Saëns Requiem ii. Dies Irae 7 27
4 Saint-Saëns Requiem iii. Rex Tremendae 3 5
5 Saint-Saëns Requiem iv. Oro Supplex 5 9
6 Saint-Saëns Requiem v. Hostias 2 33
7 Saint-Saëns Requiem vi. Sanctus 1 24
8 Saint-Saëns Requiem vii. Benedictus 1 46
9 Saint-Saëns Requiem viii. Agnus Dei 8 16
10 Saint-Saëns Symphony No.3 in C minor–Organ Symphony i. Adagio–Allegro 9 48
11 Saint-Saëns Symphony No.3 in C minor–Organ Symphony ii. Adagio 10 46
12 Saint-Saëns Symphony No.3 in C minor–Organ Symphony iii. Allegro 15 14
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